My name is Nemanja Savic. I was born in a country about which probably very few of you have ever heard. And even fewer have heard about the city I was born in. I am a professional photographer by education. I graduated from college of photography, and I realized in time that none of the things they tormented me with during those four years would be of any practical value. To see what the others cannot see that is something that you can't learn at school, something you probably get at birth. It is no wonder that I chose that path, since I have had the best possible teacher my father.

I could say I had luck. I was born at an 'interesting' time. Wise people in my country see that as a fate. But the photographers, who are usually thought of as not being too wise, see that as an authenthic optical illusion. I suppose it is obvious in this selection of photographs.

After I had taken a bite at the Big Apple, practically everything changed in my life. But I did not have to change myself too much. I am still wholeheartedly in search of an optical illusion, and I want to share it with you. America provides a boundless playground for the people of my sort. Setting off from New York, I visited more than eighty countries, always coming back with an intention to share the photographs from these trips with the whole world.

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me for bookings, questions or comments by phone, email or by filling out the form and clicking submit.

phone: +1 619 9955 899